All facials, massage and traditions include complimentary use of our outdoor hot pludge pool and detoxing infrared sauna – enjoy a relaxing soak or sauna before your treatment to warm and relax aching muscles!

Recess and Restore Facial Experiences –  Any life well lived is about transformation.  Allow for change in your moment of stress relief while experiencing years of perfected techniques.

Guinot – For over 45 years, Guinot Paris has been the European leader in skin care, working with over 11,000 spas internationally in 70 countries.

Beautiful skin….smooth, clear, luminous, glowing with health….. The revolutionary salon treatments and plant-based products of Guinot epitomise the greatest traditions of French skincare.

Guinot Facials

Lifelong beauty begins with a Guinot treatment. Internationally renowned Hydradermie, the most advanced facial for deep cleansing, hydrating and revitalizing the skin, delivers outstanding results.
Designed to restore the skin’s natural beauty, the treatment is customized by your esthetician to meet your skin’s individual needs, whether oily, dry, sensitive or aging. It can also be used to treat eyes, neck, bust and help treat pigmentation marks.

A complete transformation is possible with a treatment based on five steps. The skin is first prepared, then once cleansed and exfoliated, ionizing galvanic current carries the active, plant-based ingredients deep into the skin. Next, high-frequency action oxygenates and boosts cells. Finally, the massage and mask lift the prepared skin to leave the complexion fully cleansed, balanced and glowing. Instant and prolonged results include improvement in hydration in dry skin, reduction is sebum in oily skin and reduction in average wrinkle depth in lined skin.

Hydraderme is recognized internationally as one of the most technologically advanced treatments, Hydraderme Double Ionization now offers Age logic serums offering and average wrinkle depth reduction of  -54%

After one Hydraderme facial, your face appears remarkably rested, serene and you feel a total sense of well-being. Following the program recommended by your skin care specialist you will notice the benefits to your skin. Hydraderme Double Ionization is a very effective moisturizing and deep cleansing treatment for your face. Your skin will look healthier, smoother and younger.

Papaya is Great for FacialsHydraderme Double Ionization

60 Minutes – $120.00
Hydraderme Double Ionization; For healthier and more radiant skin.

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Hydraderme Age Logic

60 Minutes – $120.00
Hydraderme Double Ionization with Age logic Serum for youthful radiant skin.

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Hydradermie Lift

60 Minutes – $120.00
The ultimate in anti-aging skincare treatments.  Hydradermie Lift is a professional treatment designed for skin that shows signs of a loss of elasticity. It targets areas where wrinkles are most evident – around the eyes, mouth, nose and forehead. It also lifts and firms the cheeks, jaw line and neck. Enjoy a radiant complexion and better definition of the facial contours.

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KanshiKanshi Facial – Beautifully Natural – Naturally Beautiful

60 Minutes – $70.00
Kanshi is a colorful collection of facial care, body care and lifestyle products with ingredients inspired by the flavors of Africa, including Papaya, Mango, Coconut and Shea butter.   Lush aromatic scents and carefully selected naturall ingredients are the hallmark of all Kanshi products.  All products are paraben free and are not tested on animals.

Replenishing  Kanshi Facial – This five step facial starts with a lightweight  cream cleanser infused with extracts of mango, papaya and coconut oils.  It deep cleanses your skin while keeping it soft and luminous. Second is the refreshing toner with beta hydroxyl acid, while the African Rooibos Tea soothes, calms and protects. Thirdly, your trained esthetician will choose either  the hydrating masque with Shea butter or the deep cleansing Cucumber masque, catering this treatment to your specific needs.  Once the mask is removed, a coconut exfoliation will reveal a fresh, dewy and hydrated complexion.  Your final step is the application of the moisturizing cream with shea butter and vitamin E for nourishing skin and boosting long term hydration.

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