The Spa at 901 MassageThe Massage You Need

30 Minutes – $55.00
60 Minutes – $99.00

Enhance your retreat with extra massage time. Choose longer “all over” body time, or select a focus area such as back, neck, hands, or feet!

15 Minutes – $23.00
30 Minutes – $45.00

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Choose Your Massage Treatment

Swedish – This classic European style of massage involves long, rolling strokes that ease muscle aches and tension. It promotes deep relaxation while increasing circulation, and leaves you with an overall sense of well-being.

Time out For Stillness – Your treatment is without any noise; no music, no talking, no sound. This client centered massage allows for the possibility of creating an even deeper state of relaxation.

Baby on Board – A special time for expectant mothers to experience a moment of union. We begin with a combination of natural Soybean, Coconut and Sesame oils.   The treatment continues with a brisk, Swedish style of massage, to increase circulation, relieve aching joints and calm your nervous system.

Peer Pressure – Acupressure techniques are used for a full body treatment

It’s a Stretch – This massage provides a thorough and deep stretching of the muscles, releasing long-held tension and stress. The therapist provides pressure, stretching and hold techniques.

Schoolyard Bully – We ask you why you have come today and cater to your specific needs.

Weekend Warrior – A deeper massage focusing on specific trigger points to release chronic muscle tension and aid in recovery from activity-induced soreness.

A receipt can be given for insurance purposes, please tell us upon booking if you require this.

Couples Massage – Massages Side by Side in our Private Fireplace Treatment Room

Enjoy the Couples Massage at the Spa at 90160 Minutes – $198.00
90 Minutes – $288.00

All massages and scrubs can be offered as a couple’s treatment.

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Choose your Infusion – Include in all treatments

Balance – uplifting essential oils lemon, lime, lavender, geranium and earthy patchouli.

Kanshi – Nourishing oil enriched with Vitamin E and Beta-Carotene from Carrot oil.  The combination of sesame, carrot and coconut oil is rich in anti-oxidants.

Sticks and Stones

90 Minutes – $145.00
Luxurious decadence.  Drenches the body with moisture, while warm stones soothe and hot towels heal aching, tired muscles. A delectable fragrance of orange, grapefruit and mandarin nourish the body, mind and spirit.

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