Pillars of Happiness through Tradition

Sweet Grass Braids are hand gathered by native people of Canada. The braids are traditionally burned, this ritual and tradition is called smudging.  Smudging is a sacred tradition that has its roots in the indigenous cultures of the world.

The common thread, is that the smoke from the sacred herbs drive away negative energies and prepares us for a clear understanding of our intention.  Spa 901 includes smudging with our Intention Scrub.

Shed and Exhale

90  Minutes – $175.00
An education in exhaling from the world we live in and entering a state of deep balanced energy with this full body exfoliation, shower and massage.

Since your skin is your largest organ and point of elimination, it is vital to rid the natural build up of dead cells for better health.  During these treatments you will experience a full body gentle exfoliation to stimulate circulation and condition your skin.  A quick rinse in the shower leaves you ready for your massage and application of deep moisturizing cream.

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Choose your Scrub

Intention brings with it the uplifting oils of Lemon and Lime, soothing Lavender and Geranium, and earthy Patchouli.  This combination is excellent for calming your senses and relieving stress, allowing you to center your intentions.  Finish with The healing power of organic mango butter with skin softening organic sunflower oil & jojoba and antioxidant rich Vitamin E  soothe, smooth and protect your skin from neck to toe.

Renew with Coconut Oil is pure, rich and provides an aromatic essence.  It is combined with sea salt and coconut shell to thoroughly exfoliate and renew your skins surface.  The Cocoa Butter lotion leaves you feeling protected and rejuvenated.

Conditioning scrub with the fresh scent of Mango juice contains a wealth of vitamins as well as Beta Carotene known for its superior anti-oxidant benefits.  The Mango butter finishing this treatment is the ultimate in skin conditioning

Enjoying a Japanese Ofuro Ritual

25 Minutes – $40.00
At Spa 901, fall in love with the Japanese ritual of bathing, cleaning the body from impurities, soaking and soothing in hot water.   Japanese people view sitting in their Ofuro soaking tubs as a must-do daily ritual similar to eating or sleeping.  Sit, be still and enjoy the simplicity and pure beauty of regenerating both your mind and body.

The Ofuro soak is a great addition after your scrub and before your massage.  Simply reserve this treatment when scheduling to ensure you receive a room with your private bath.

Our treatments are the foundation, but the magic comes from the way we make people feel.

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